Your virtual press conference:
Business and media in dialogue

  • Password protected access for media representatives
  • Adapted to the company's own corporate identity and branding
  • Integration of livestreams, surveys, chats and more
  • Everything in one place - with just one click for your participants!
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What we offer

Tailored to your Corporate Identity
Present yourself to media representatives at your virtual press conference in your familiar corporate identity. The appearance of the digital event is adapted to the corresponding branding (product / company). Of course, you can also place your company or product logo on request.
Bundling of information in one place
The miserable sending of press releases, curricula vitae, speaker portraits, slide decks and more is over. From now on, you can make relevant information available in a bundled form! Media representatives will receive access to the information from you and can view it with password protection.
In livestream with national and international speakers - also from congresses
It is not always possible for all of us to be on site and participate in the event. We bring speakers and audience together. We stream sound and pictures, no matter where your speakers, yourself or your audience are in the world.
Dialogue instead of monologue - allow interaction!
Allow questions and consciously seek dialogue with your participants. Our integrated chat module allows you to ask questions at any time. Any ambiguities are thus quickly eliminated and can be straightened out. The monologue communication as at many other (digital) press conferences has come to an end.
Provision of your conference page via URL
To increase the recognition value of your company, we provide you with your own conference page. For you as a company with the name "Fabelhaft", this means that you will provide your media representatives with the following link to attend the press conference:
Creation of your own conference QR code
In addition to the URL, we generate an individual QR code for your press conference. Use this code, for example, on print media that you hand in at other events. Guide your participants and support them in their research for reporting purposes.
Contact details of the press agency and media officer
Direct contact options make it possible for media representatives to know directly who the respective contact person for the company / product / in connection with the press conference is. If there are any questions, you will pick up the participants directly and be available to them.
Slides to click through during the livestream
Participants can read important information directly below the live video. They can also click through the speakers' slides. Study results and other medical information can also be integrated. Links to your specialist group website or website for patients are also provided.
Further elements and possibilities presented
We recommend that you make an appointment for a demonstration. This is quick and easy, without a call from you! Use our contact form and choose a free demo appointment. We will then get in touch with you.

"With the help of LIVESTREAM.PRESS we now have many more opportunities. Our media contacts can find all information on one page, we have no problems with the connection to our content management system and the live event comes pretty close to the television format.

We now carry out the digital PKs in such a way that they perfectly match our entire branding. It just looks harmonious and is coherent as a whole."

Charlotte Farner

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